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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 24, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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five before we go. a high five all right, all right. >> bret: every sale. people just didn't wait for the change too often. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. o'reilly, "the o'reilly factor" is next. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> if you say that we should not educate children who have come into our state by no fault of their own, i don't think you have a heart. >> governor perry, no one is suggesting the students that are legal in this country shouldn't be able to go to a college and university. >> bill: once again, governor rick perry under fire in a debate. will he retain his frontrunner status? we will have analysis from charles krauthammer. congressman keith he will liszson and your humble correspondent. >> i have been advised by my counsel to decline to answer questions under the fifth amendment. >> i must invoke the privilege
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afforded by the fifth amendment to the u.s. constitution. >> bill: the weasels around the so he len dra solar company bankruptcy despite taking a half million dollars of taxpayer money hid behind the constitution today. geraldo with analysis. and who are horrendous week fore stock market as americans watch their investments dive big time. lou dobbs will tell us what might happen next. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the decline of america and the republican challenge. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in analyzing the republican debate last night, you have to start with the decline of america. there is no question that the u.s.a. is in trouble.
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economically, we are simply in chaos. country owes more than $14 trillion. congress and the president will not cut spending drastically. and the presidential campaign of 2012 is shaping up to be a class warfare event. looking back, america's decline began on september 11th, 2001. the al qaeda attack forced the bush administration to take drastic action. trillions of dollars were spent. two wars initiated and what we did to protect ourselves alienated many throughout the world. the good news is we have been protected. and we did defeat al qaeda. but it came at a tremendous cost. after being hopeful for two years, americans have now lost confidence in the obama administration. all the polls show that. the high unemployment rate and craziness in financial markets, combined with the huge government takeover of the healthcare system are scaring many americans. and when we get scared, we get angry. and we should be angry. the feds are making things
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worse. not better. economically. a report today by the u.s. census bureau says there is no growth in household income anywhere. no states doing well. maryland is the highest median income 69,000 per household. mississippi the lowest 37,000. nowhere are the people prospering. the stock market where millions of americans have their retirement funds absolutely insane. nobody knows what's going to happen there. we have lou dobbs on that coming up. then there is foreign policy. countries like iran and pakistan are openly insulting the u.s.a. no longer is america feared. and no longer do many americans have confidence that their government has a handle on complex problems at home or abroad. so the theme for the republican challenger in next year's presidential race is likely to be i'll restore america because it will be hard for president obama to argue that the country does not need restoration. now, last night, nine republican contenders took the stage in
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orlando florida. nothing dramatic happened but there were some interesting expositions. let's start with the frontrunner rick perry. the governor knows that at this point mitt romney is his real competition for the nomination. so perry is trying to brand romney as obama light. he seize upon education to make that point. president obama wants the feds to set much of the educational agenda with his race to the top program. perry tried to lay that on romney. >> there is one person on this stage that is for obama's race to the top and that is governor romney. he said so just this last week. i think that is an important difference between the rest of the people on this stage and one person that wants to run for the presidency. being in favor of the obama race to the top and that is not conservative. [ applause ] >> governor romney? >> nice try. let me tell you what i think i would do. [ laughter ] >> one, education has to be held at the local and state level.
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not at the federal level. we need to get the federal government out of education. >> bill: all right. it was a decent pairing by mitt romney. subject of illegal immigration governor perry has some problems because he opposes a border fence and supports paying college tuition for illegal alien students. perry addressed that directly. >> we put $400 million of our taxpayer money into securing that border. we have got our texas ranger recon teams there now. i supported arizona's immigration law by joining in that lawsuit to defend it. every day i have texans on that border that are doing their job. but if you say that we should not educate children who have come into our state for no other reason than they have been brought there, by no fault of their own, i don't think you have a heart. >> governor perry no one is suggesting up here that the students that are legal in this country shouldn't be able to go
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to a college and university. i think you are sort of making this leap that unless we subsidize this, the taxpayers subsidize it they won't be able to go. most folks who want to go to the state of texas or any other state out of state have to pay the full boat. the point is why are we subsidizing -- not that they can't go. they can go. they just have to borrow money, find other sources to be able to go. >> bill: rick santorum won that point obviously. most republicans aren't easy with taxpayer money supporting illegal aliens. especially in the face of the massive debt. perry realizes is he vulnerable on that quell and hit back at santorum. >> have you ever even been to the border with mexico. >> yes. >> i'm surprised if you have because you weren't paying attention. >> the answer is yes, i have. >> you are going to build a wall, a fence for 1200 miles and then go 800 miles more to tijuana does not make sense. you put the boots on the ground. we know how to make this work.
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you put the boots on the ground. >> it's not working, governor. >> put the aviation assets in the ground. >> no, it's not working because the federal government. >> it's s. it working in texas? >> bill: all right, again. it will be interesting to see what the new poll numbers on rick perry show. but the governor does remain a force because of his economic philosophy which is working in texas. as for the other candidates, not much chance of they will secure the nomination, but i was struck by her man cane's analysis of obama care last night. as you know mr. cane was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. >> my surgeons and doctors have told me that because i was able to get the treatment as fast as i could, based upon my timetable and not the government's timetable, that's what saved my life because i only had a 30% chance of survival and now i'm here five years, cancer-free because i could do it on my timetable and not on a brewer craft's timetable. this is one of the reasons i believe a lot of people are objecting to obama care.
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>> bill: that kind of vivid personal account brings home a big problem with the feds running so many programs vital to americans. talking points believes the united states is in desperate need of strong, fair leadership. it's one of the reasons i wrote my new book "killing lincoln" which i will tell you about on monday. abraham lincoln was the gold standard of leadership for this country. his personal sacrifice dealing with the worst crisis america has ever faceside what we need for today. politicians not looking out to themselves. not wedded to an ideology but wig to do economic things for the good of all americans. simply put, the economy has got to get fixed. the debt has got to go down. the federal government has got to recede it can't run everything. private enterprise has to be stimulated. and, above all, americans have to regain hope that the u.s.a. is indeed a place of opportunity, fairness, and sanity. and that's the memo. next on the run down, charles krauthammer will analyze the debate last night. and then, democratic congressman
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keith ellison on whether he thinks america is in decline. also ahead, lou dobbs on how bad the economy really is. those reports after these messages. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is the dodge journey. it comes with things like the enhanced accident response system a the peace of mind of knowing
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>> bill: continuing with lead story. joining us now from washington fox news analyst charles krauthammer.
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did any of the candidates on the stage last night give you, charles krauthammer, confidence they can begin to restore america's legacy? >> i think there are two ways to answer that. in one sense, you would say the majority of them, because what is taking us into decline is an administration which sees and has seen for the last three years its future or where america ought to go as a european model of social democracy. now, the irony here is that europe model is collapsing in front of our eyes. yet we elected a president. three years ago who thinks that's the ideal and with obama care huge stimulus spending, et cetera, that's where he wants to go. that's the wrong path. therefore, really anybody who espouses the opposite ideology, meaning smaller government, less taxation, less debt, less spending, less regulation, to set free the economic power of
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capitalism, would be one to restore it however, if you are going to do it, you have to achieve the presidency. so it isn't just ideas and policies or even leadership. it's who can be elected. if you want elected, you won't change anything. obama will be reelected and the path toward european social democracy will be inevitable. eight years of that and irrev cable. therefore you have got to ask yourself the buckley ruled. after bill buckley. he said i would volt. i always vote for the most conservative candidate who can win. that, i think, will be the key way to answer your question. who on the stage was acceptably conservative. perhaps not the most ideological authentic or committed but still acceptable who can win? and i think with the performance of governor perry.
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i think him as the answer to that question is rather questionable now. because i think he had a bad debate, three in a row and the question is could he win in november. that's really up in the air. >> bill: why did very a bad debate though? specifically, give me one -- give me your top choice to demonstrate that governor perry had a bad debate. >> i will give you a couple. his best moment. the most affecting moment. the most moving moment is when he encountered the movement, about conservative cancer and said you were responding to the lobbists, and gave a new answer. he said. no i was lobbied by a 31-year-old woman dying of cancer. that's a powerful response. and, yet, two things happened. a, in the debate, after that moving antidote, he had nowhere to go and he repeated an old
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line he had used in the other debates, namely i choose life. he didn't sort of elaborate, explain, or exploit the moment. now we learn that the antidote is false. that he met with the woman after he he had done the executive order. so here's the big moment and it turned out to be not quite true. >> all right. so a lot of americans don't know that because they don't know the follow up story on it. >> right. i will give you -- >> -- that will hurt him. >> that other example when he jabbed at romney gave a litany of stuff where he accused romney of changing his mind on a series of issues, a practiced politician, one who is not a rooky. one who has been in the race before, one who might have spent the last month perfecting his stump speech and his responses would have had a fluid response. instead, he stumbled, could not really remember the three points he made against romney.
5:16 am
and that was a give me which i think he blew. is he a new entry who comes into the race at the top, which is really a difficult thing. >> absolutely. come in the exchingses are sky high. if you don't live up to them people are disappointed. now, michele bachmann a lot of pundits believe this was her last stand last night because rick perry has taken a lot of her support from her. she really didn't break out last night, did she. >> i think she thread water. i'm not sure she has to do a breakout. look, who took the oxygen out of her campaign? perry. if, as is possible, i'm not saying it's going to happen but it's possible, the performance in the debate perry has had which have been back begin to bring him down to earth. >> bill: go back to her. >> it will go either to her or perhaps santorum who had a good night. there will be one sort of anti-romney more to the right candidate, the more established
5:17 am
ideological candidate it could still be bachmann. she had a rough month, but if there is a decline in perry, she could be the one who benefits. >> bill: all right. but you have said on this program before that you believe mitt romney has the widest appeal and the best chance to beat barack obama as it stands today. >> and i think all you have to do is to ask a democrat. who do you worry about the most as being the opponent? obama to face, has to debate. and has to beat next year. and i think they will say romney. >> bill: all right. charles, thanks very much as always. we have a brand new bill o' question for you. based on the debate so far who are now supporting? there is the list of eight candidates. we would like to you select just one. kind of a mini election. so we hope you check it out on bill o' directly ahead, congressman keith ellison a democrat will tell us if he believes america is indeed in decline. and later lou dobbs knows the
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, the democratic party is rightly concerned about president obama's falling poll numbers. as we said in the talking points memo the republican theme will most likely be that america is in steep decline. joining us from washington is keith ellison. do you believe america is on the skids? >> no way. america's best days are ahead of her. all you need to do is look at the immigration. people want to come to america. this is a land of opportunity. everybody knows that abroad. the folks who live here ought to be a little bit more appreciative of the great country we have. >> let me play devil's advocate here. you say two things america's
5:22 am
best days are ahead of it. some cynic might say because things are so bad now they can't get any worse. point to the unemployment rate. the debt, the impasse in congress to solve any problems. second, people want to come from from mexico to america. we understand that from honduras here. that doesn't mean that things are good here. the republican party is going to basically say we are a country in decline, i think it's going to be hard for president obama to counter that. >> well, i mean if all you needed to do was look at benghazi. people were waving the american flag. today in congress i met with a group from egypt. they are telling me, you know, how do you guys do it? how do you make this great democracy work? i tell them it's messy. we fight in here a the lo. the fact is this the greatest country in the world because we can debate. can i say whatever i want. i can criticize anybody i want to and nobody is going to come get me and put me in jail because i said something bad about somebody in power. this is the greatest country.
5:23 am
>> bill: theoretically you are correct but you are talking philosophically now and i'm trying to get into the nuts and bolts of things. >> let's go there. >> bill: look, have you got an economy that is failing. you have got a government, an administration that has spent 5.3 trillion at least to try to stimulate the economy. it hasn't worked. now they want more. they want another half trillion-dollar stimulus to do it. it's not going to happen. house is not going to pass that as you know. okay. but americans are going, hey, we don't have leadership right now to solve the problem. so republican party itself is divided. you know that. they are divided. >> they are divided. >> bill: they don't know where to go. so, from a philosophical standpoint, yeah. we are the greatest country. from nuts and bolts, particularly on the economy, we are in trouble. we are in trouble. >> bill, we have had times before that were tough. you know. the 1930s were tough. >> bill: you want to go through the 1,930th again. >> no, i don't. i'm telling you why i'm
5:24 am
optimistic. i'm telling you look, i don't even like calling this thing a stimulus. i think the american society of civil engineers says we have crumbling infrastructure. if we invested in our infrastructure we would put a lot of people to work. we would have safer infrastructure. >> bill: that's fine if we were running a surplus we could do it and i would support you 100%. you can't do it with a 14.5 trillion-dollar debt. you can't do it. there is not enough money to do it. where are we going to get the money? borrow it from the chinese. >> bill, the interest rates are lower than they have been. >> bill: we still have to borrow. >> bill, think about this. it was during the civil war, the civil war when lincoln came and pulled together the intercontinental railroad. now, he had a real crisis on his hands. but he didn't look at it that way. he bet on america. he believed we could do anything. after world war ii we had a national debt higher as a percentage of ddp that we have now. highway hour said we are going to build a interstate highway system. i'm telling you at times of crisis, great leaders pull
5:25 am
through. probably a vision and we -- project a vision and we got behind them. we are americans we don't say nothing in terms of backing down. standing up. >> bill: i like the spirit of your remarks. i don't have any difficulty with the spirit of i don't you are remarks. but as charles krauthammer just said, most americans disagree with you. the polls say most americans have lost confidence in the obama administration. say it across the board. particularly in the economic realm when the president's approval ratings and economics hovering around 30%. with all of this pessimism. with the banks not lending, with small business not expanding, with the specter of obama care, in the horizon, which is going to cost business more to pay for its health insurance on its employees, with all of that, americans say you know what? we might have to tough out 10, 12 years of difficult times like we did after 192. and it's not acceptable to the american people. >> well, let me tell you, i think that great tough times
5:26 am
make great leaders. i believe barack obama has the stuff to lead our country into a greater place. let me tell you, the first year, the first month of his administration, the economy was losing 700,000 jobs. now we're not really losing jobs. we're just not really gaining jobs. we're just bumping along. >> bill: you are not taking into account all the government money that was spent. okay to try to stimulate employment and the economy and it hasn't worked. we lost 738 points in the stock market this week. that's not confidence in the american economy, congressman. >> i'm telling you the stock market goes up and the stock market goes down. we, but i will tell you something else. if you want to make money over time, you put your money in the american stock market. over time if you are a long-term investor, you will see a positive return. because america is a country where, you know, we believe in free enterprise. we also believe in a compassionate public sector. over time we always prevail. i believe those days are front of us. i believe barack obama is going
5:27 am
to lead us there. >> bill: we appreciate you coming on. thank you very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. the weasels who run the solyndra company were called to testify in front of congress today. they took the fifth. geraldo with the story. lou dobbs on whether or not we should be worried about a financial collapse in america. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪ [ cellphone rings ] cut! [ monica ] i have a small part in a big movie.
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they're delicious. absolutely perfect. d'lightful, d'cious, d'noir prunes, only from sunsweet. >> bill: huge financial scandal surrounding the solyndra solar panel company. president obama visited saying it was a model saying green model. declared bankruptcy despite being lent $528 million by the department of energy. that's taxpayer money. huge problem for president obama. body, the two guys who run solyndra took the fifth before congress. >> how did solyndra manage to obtain this loan in the first place giving the shaky financial
5:31 am
outlook? what interaction did solyndra have with the white house? >> on the advice of my counsel i invoke the privilege afforded by the fifth amendment to the u.s. constitution and i respectfully decline to answer any questions. >> bill: what a weasel. with us now fox news anchor geraldo rivera. it's just awful, you know. just the way he says it to the camera. you know, if i had to do that, my attorney said look, o'reilly you going going to go to the penitentiary for 30 years. you better shut up. i apologize to everybody and i'm sorry this happened. i have to take the fifth amendment. i wouldn't say -- just like a pie at them but that would against the constitution. >> remember the mob guys they did it with style. i take the fifth. >> whatever. this guy probably is a mob guy i can't believe with that kind of infusion that these people went belly up so fast. >> let's take the fifth amendment. i think it's very important that you answer the question either as a taxpayer or as an attorney. if i was that guy's attorney.
5:32 am
>> bill: you tell him to shut up. >> i probably would not have let him go to go in the building. certainly you could -- i think. >> bill: you have to go in the building. >> you have to plead the fifth. look what happened to roger clemens. he thought he could go in there and finesse the congressional hearing. you cannot. lying to congress is a crime. it locks you in. criminal investigation going on right now as there should be and there will be indictments. >> bill: what are the insiders saying happened at the solyndra company? why did it go bankrupt. >> there is two scandals, potential criminal one. put that aside and start with the political scandal first. how did they get a half a billion dollars in loan guarantees? >> bill: well, because one of the investors was a big clinton -- obama fundraiser. >> that also. but they also hired high powered lobbists, spent $2 million, had many meetings with valerie jarrett, special assistant to the president. they lobbied washington intensely to get this loan guarantee.
5:33 am
why did they get the loan guarantee? they had idea that superior technology could -- even though it was more expensive to produce solar panels in the united states that because their technology was superior they could produce it cheaper than people using silicone the traditional method making these solar panels. silicone plunged on the commodities market, making the other kind of solar panels. china cleaned our clock, making solar panels for half the price of this company. their business model stunk. now, why was the loan guarantees granted. were the loan guarantees granted because of undue political influence? that's one area of inquiry. the other area of inquiry when is when it became clear that the company was going belly up, how did certain private investors get paid back when the taxpayers took the stiff loss of half a billion dollars. >> bill: now we're pivoting to foreign affairs.
5:34 am
admiral mike mullen, ahead of the head of the joint chiefs of staff is accusing pakistan of not only helping the taliban passively but being involved in the latest attack in afghanistan. if that's true, it's an act of war. that san act of war. >> by pakistan against the united states? >> bill: yes. i think i agree. but i want to put this in context. this was an electrifying speech from the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. never a blockbuster. never has he specifically accused our ally pakistan of actually waging war against the forces of the united states by hitting our embassy in kabul. hitting the isf headquarters in double. and causing so much descrungs with suicide bombers. this the is -- this is the first
5:35 am
time. i don't believe the united states has any intention of invading pakistan. i believe what admiral mullen has done in dramatic statement which i think has been overshadowed by all the concentration on israeli palestinian. >> bill: that's why we are cooking it with you here. this is a big story. >> this is huge. i think what he has done is to lay the foundation for the continued use of our throwns across the border from afghanistan, hitting targets inside pakistan, and also for special op.s raids into pakistan like the one that killed bin laden. >> bill: that might be his intent. this for the american people is a direct act of war. if what he says is true. he wouldn't say it if he didn't have a beyond a reasonable doubt. >> ally of al qaeda. when i was there in october of last year with the 101st airborne the network was causing all kinds of problems. they are criminals, dope dealers, they are terrorists, they are our political enemies
5:36 am
in every regard. they are protected if admiral mullen is correct and i think he is very honorable vat shooting guy not one given to hyperbole and is he correct and the pakistan intelligence actually directed those raids, this is the serious breech of pakistan american relations that we have ever had. >> the unintended consequence of this is that obama administration is going to have to do something about it. not sit on their hands. they have to doing something about trges strengthen our bases as they continue to deescalate the surge forces. reduce our footprint in afghanistan generally. but strengthen these bases. continue those drone raids which are decapitating the terrorist organizations like al qaeda. like the network and have those special operators there. if they have a target of opportunity to hit them, to disregard that border because pakistan clearly has invaded afghanistan. >> bill: moral justification of
5:37 am
actually putting american troops. >> i agree. >> bill: into pakistan. >> right. >> justification for doing that thank you very much. we appreciate it when we come right back, lou dobbs on whether the economy is going to collapse. some pundits say it will. then, do you know the muffin man? the $16 scandal erupts in the house of representatives. moments away. @?ñ [ beeping ]
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but think about your heart. 2% has over half the saturated fat of whole milk. want to cut back on fat
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and not compromisen taste? try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the lowe's the boss segment tonight. the stock market dropped 738 points. sixth biggest weekly point loss in history. now some pundits are saying, financial armageddon right around the corner. here now fox business anchor lou dobbs, usually a voice of sanity in these situations. all right. first of all, why did the market drop so much? >> it dropped because people are
5:41 am
losing confidence, bill. not only in this country. not only about political leadership but business leadership. we are seeing in this country a loss of faith. >> bill: we have been seeing that for six months to a year. why this week? what set the fuse? >> amongst the things setting the fuse, the federal reserve that no longer talks about downside risks that always in every market. ben bernanke chose to refer to significant downside risk. >> bill: bernanke gets out, all right. and he says well, the stock market may tank, is that what did he? effectively as he talked about raising -- well, moving $400 billion into the bond market and trying. >> bill: why would that cause the stock market to tank? >> that in and of itself did not. it was an effort to stabilize the market and at the same time, using language like significant downside risk. the fed knew exactly what they were doing which was scare the hell out of people. >> bill: wait. you know what an idiot i am in
5:42 am
economics. >> that's why you and i get along. >> bill: lowe is a smart guy. cavuto, i don't know anything. but if bernanke is going out there saying you know what? there is a risk. but we are going to do this. pour all this money into propping up the system so it doesn't tank, you would think the stock market would say tease that's good. let's buy. >> it's not made up entirely of fools either. everyone understands we are having difficult times. we are not creating jobs. >> bill: lou, we have been having those difficult times now ever since barack obama got into the office. >> this is the first time this president has been talking about a jobs bill. he is now compounding errors. he is talking about 447 billion-dollar stimulus package. >> bill: that's not going to happen. >> everyone knows it except the man running the country. >> bill: he knows that's not going to happen. he is trying to get elected on the class warfare ticket. >> irrespective of his beliefs the american people right now. particularly the investing public finding that they have
5:43 am
zero confidence in the possibility. >> bill: the polls show that. millions of people watching. this a lot of people losing money in their 401(k)'s and their portfolio, so got to once again go to dobbs the guru. last time we talked about. this i guess it was a month, two months ago you said don't do anything, hang tough. >> right. >> that was bad advice because the market is down 1500 points since you said don't do anything. are you still saying don't do anything? >> i am basically saying don't do anything. if you are already in the market that's the reason i'm saying this right now. if you believe that you have invested in solid stocks. i'm not talking about guiser or day traders or whatever they may be. i'm talking about people investing for the lock haul, this is the only place to be. >> bill: what if it goes down another 2,000 points, 3,000 points. >> then i will be sitting here held accountable by bill o'reilly for having been a fool. >> bill: if it does go down to 3,000 get him out of the
5:44 am
building piñata give him a time and place whack him as he goes through. >> interject this one note of hope for a change. >> bill: i like hope. it's good. >> i truly believe that the country is coming to its senses and becoming fully aware that we can't depend on government leadership. >> bill: i believe that too. i think there is going to be a turn around. the markets as well. >> greece doesn't believe that. france doesn't believe that. so we are going to have turmoil over there. okay. so i'm saying to myself. is it armageddon? should you go to the bunker and buy the gold? or is it going to come back and correct and go up? >> let me point out gold today fell more than $100. >> bill: everybody is dumping everything. >> no safe haven from irresponsible leadership and those who think they can escape the consequences of bad public policy. >> bill: you say hang tough, you think it's going to turn around. >> i think it will turn around. furthermore, there will be a premium for the security of u.s. markets. even though we have had precious
5:45 am
regulation. >> bill: things will change. you know what i'm buying right now, ladies and gentlemen? muffin future. i'm into muffins. 16 bucks a muffin. cost them 3 cents to make it do the math. >> my muffin path is what i'm paying for right now. >> bill: dumbest things of the week. $16 muffin mentioned did governor johnson steal a joke from rush limbaugh during last from rush limbaugh during last night's motorcycles, boats, even rv's. nobody knows where he got his love for racing. all we know is, it started early. casey mears, driver of the number thirteen geico toyota camry. geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. the dumbest things of the week. here they are to put things into perspective for us. red eye and the five guy greg gutfeld along with fox news correspondent arthel neville. arthel has selected the $16 muffin. you may remember we reported that the department of justice
5:49 am
bought 250 of those muffins because, as they really don't care about spending our tax money. that theme was picked up by congressman ted poe. >> do you know the muffin man? the muffin man, the muffin man? yes i know the muffin man but he doesn't live on drury lane. he lives at the department of justice and is growing rich on selling $16 muffins to the department of justice on justice lane. >> bill: that was at the house of representatives, right? >> yes, yes. >> bill: that was congressman poe by himself? didn't look like a big crowd. >> he may have been by himself in that room. certainly not by himself in the coverage of this story. a.p., "the washington post," "l.a. times," "new york times," houston chronicle. they served it one a little religion is might sydney morning herald. >> bill: we did it and we made a big deal out of it as a metaphor ms. neville to the government's irresponsibility with tax dollars. >> waste, fraud abuse is a big theme that's happening there.
5:50 am
>> bill: absolutely. >> can't waste taxpayer's money. now in response to, this i want to say that the obama administration has ordered the agencies to review how each department head is spending money on such meetings. >> bill: ordered a review. have they ordered a review of muffins, gutfeld? i would want a review those $16 muffins to see if the taste quality was up to that extent. >> forget the gold standard. the muffin standard is where it is at if they are that expensive. if there was politician's money they wouldn't spend it on muffins they would spend it on whiskey. >> bill: disparaging politicians. gary johnson former mayor of new mexico was at the debate this week and he said. this. >> my next door neighbor's two dogs have created more shovel ready jobs than this current administration. [ laughter ] >> bill: oh, but you don't know the full story. gutfeld does. why was that dumb? >> it wasn't his joke. it was originally rush limbaugh's joke.
5:51 am
here the lesson is if you are going to steal, go obscure. don't steal from limbaugh, me or somebody like that. >> steal from me. >> bill: that's a great idea. gutfeld. >> bill: steal from you in the middle of the night, nobody knows. >> hear my joke they are usually drunk at the time. they have no memory of it. >> bill: deny they know anybody like you. >> exactly. >> bill: it is the dumbest thing of the week because, now, to be fair to the governor, somebody gave him the line is he not a major list. i hope is he -- >> two guys caught along a woman hiking in turkey. they crossed the border to tehran. they didn't know it. seized them. they were going to execute them whatever. now they have been released. ahmadinejad released them. upon release the guy said this. >> two years in prison is too long. and we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prisoners and other unjustly
5:52 am
people in america and iran. >> bill: that's right. make a moral equivalency to america, iran and they hope they release the prisoners in america. the political prisoners. dumb. >> it is dumb. they were not on american soil yet. so they had to had to say that here's what's dumb. don't we have majestic hiking trails in america? >> bill: this is dumb. no but about it he take as cheap shot at his country. his country did everything they could to get him out of there. do we send him back? >> oh, boy. no. as much as we would like to. we have to kind of like -- aren't they from -- aren't some of them from berkeley. you have to almost accept that this was done to impress their friends back home and perhaps get on othe rachel maddow show. >> bill: political prisoners right on in america. this pinhead he finally gets out. the state department does everything it can and then he bashes this country. >> i have no sympathy because they should not have been there hiking in the first place.
5:53 am
that's all i'm saying. you don't go hiking in iraq on the iraq iran border. >> bill: turkish iranian border. that's what i want to do on my next vacation. >> i'm going with you. how about that? we will all go. >> i will bring the food. >> the if you have -- muffins. >> pinheads and patriots starting tonight. factor viewers. you guys. p and p up next. [ junior ] i played professional basketball for 12 years.
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>> bill: wouldn't think of it. the factor is a fact-based broadcast. polls define electability and i report the polls. >> bill: i'll find out next wednesday when i'll appear on stewart's program. >> bill: no doubt about that christine. >> bill: 100%. >> bill: only suzanne if he wants to know what the best president america has ever had was really like.
5:58 am
i'm sending your son a copy of the book. [ laughing ] >> bill: kyle, your dad is channeling don rickles, tell him to wise up. >> bill: i will be signing both killing lincoln and pinheads and patriots the paperback a couple hours before the show in the complex. we hope to see all my new england friends. it will be a fun night with miller. finally pinheads and patriots tv side. auction for the wounded warrior project is over. this unique piece of history poster signed by the five living presidents, never done before, has been won. we will announce the winner and how much the winner paid
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